San Patrignano: The 40th anniversary and the celebration of World Drug Day

San Patrignano: The 40th anniversary and the celebration of World Drug Day

On the occasion of the 40th anniversary of activity since its foundation in 1978, San Patrignano Community celebrated the International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking with some different events, to underline the positive impact of recovery programs on individuals and communities.

San patrignano is proud of their close collaboration with institutions and other civil society organizations, whichhas given measurable results in these years and created positive values for the whole society.

One of the residents trained as dental technician during his recovery program, to favor his social reintegration, participated in a National competition among hundreds of graduates in 2018, and ranked second: he has been awarded for the good result and offered a job opportunity. The same day, a football triangular championship between the National Magistrates Association, the Carabinieri team and a team of young people from San Patrignano, has celebrated the defeat of addiction and recidivism in drug related offenses. An important international insurance company has dedicated the whole day to volunteering within the community, in close contact with the residents, gaining awareness on the problem of addiction and the positive results of recovery programs.

Futhermore, in collaboration with the staff and the therapeutic coordinator, San Patrignano has organized a seminar on drugs and addictions, for the journalists of the most important national and local newspapers from all Italy, to contribute to a more correct and accurate information on these sensitive issues.

And finally, San Patrignano is pleased and honored to announce that on 26th June 2018, on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the foundation San Patrignano Community, the President of the Italian Republic Sergio Mattarella has visited the community. The President Mattarella had a short tour to Medical Centre, to the special facility dedicated to the girls less than 18 years, to the textile lab and to the bakery, where people are trained to facilitate their social reintegration. President Mattarella has been given an Abbracci award, as a sign of appreciation of the Italian people who recognize and support San Patrignano, which has been working silently and passionately for 40 years, to help people recover from addiction based on four pillars including prevention, recovery, gratitude and love.

San Patrignano: The 40th anniversary and the celebration of World Drug Day

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By Mulka Nisic