US: National Drug Control Strategy

US: National Drug Control Strategy

The White House Office of National Drug Control Policy has published the administration’s first National Drug Control Strategy and outlined its priorities for combating illicit drug abuse and distribution.

This Strategy is focused on achieving one overarching strategic objective:

"Building a stronger, healthier, drug free society today and in the years to come by drastically reducing the number of Americans losing their lives to drug addiction in today’s crisis, and preparing now to dominate the drug environment of the future. This will be done by preventing initiates to drug use, providing treatment services leading to long-term recovery for those suffering from addiction, and aggressively reducing the availability of illicit drugs in America’s communities. "

While this Strategy reflects the President’s top priority to address the current opioid crisis and reduce the number of Americans dying from these dangerous drugs, it also sets us on the path to develop further the capability, knowledge, and infrastructure to respond to the evolving nature of the drug threat as we move deeper into the twenty-first century.

The Trump Administration’s National Drug Control Strategy is focused on reversing these developments, saving American lives, and setting our Nation on a path to being stronger, healthier, and drug-free. This Strategy is intended to guide and focus Federal government efforts along three complementary lines of effort.

First, it aims to reduce the size of the drug-using population by preventing initiates to illicit drug use through education and evidence-based prevention programs.

Second, it aims to reduce barriers to treatment services so that access to long-term recovery is available for those suffering from substance use disorder.

And finally, it has a goal to drastically reduce the availability of these drugs in the United States through law enforcement and cooperation with international partners to lessen the negative effects of drug trafficking that impact the safety of communities and the well-being of  citizens. 

The Strategy can be found here.