Our Members

  • Actis


    Website: www.actis.no
    Representative: Stig-Erik Sorheim
    Country: Norway



    Website: http://www.activeeurope.org/
    Representative: Maja Stojanovska
    Country: European-wide network

  • Addiction Recovery Foundation

    Addiction Recovery Foundation

    Website: http://www.addictiontoday.org/
    Representative: Deidre Boyd / Laura Graham
    Country: UK

  • African Regional Youth Initiative

    African Regional Youth Initiative

    Website: http://www.africaninitiative.org
    Representative: Olusesan Olukoya
    Country: Nigeria

  • ASK Users Forum

    ASK Users Forum

    Website: http://askusersforum.blogspot.be/p/about-us.html
    Representative: Confidential
    Country: Ireland
    Member of: RUN (Recovered Users Network)

  • Castle Craig

    Castle Craig

    Website: http://www.castlecraig.co.uk
    Representative: Peter MacCann
    Country: Scotland, UK
    Member of: RUN (Recovered Users Network)

  • Clinic of Doctor Isaev

    Clinic of Doctor Isaev

    Website: http://nezav.ru/
    Representative: Dr Ruslan Isaev
    Country: Russia

  • DPNA


    Website: http://www.dpna.org/
    Country: Americas

  • DPNC


    Website: http://dpnoc.ca/
    Country: Canada

  • Drug Free Australia

    Drug Free Australia

    Website: http://www.drugfree.org.au/
    Representative: Jo Baxter
    Country: Australia

  • Durham University

    Durham University

    Website: https://www.dur.ac.uk/
    Representative: Eleanor Ryan-Saha (Individual Academic Affiliate)
    Country: UK

  • FADE


    Website: http://www.fade.org.nz/
    Representative: Colin Bramfitt
    Country: New Zealand

  • In De Vrijheid

    In De Vrijheid

    Website: http://www.indevrijheid.com/#Home
    Representative: Remko Jorritsma
    Country: Netherlands

  • Irti Huumeista

    Irti Huumeista

    Website: http://www.irtihuumeista.fi/
    Country: Finland

  • Izlazak


    Website: http://organizacijaizlazak.org/
    Representative: Aleksandar Jevremovic
    Country: Serbia

  • Landsforbundet Mot Stoff (LMS)

    Landsforbundet Mot Stoff (LMS)

    Website: http://www.motstoff.no/
    Representative: Kari Sundby
    Country: Norway

  • League Against Intoxicants Forbundet Mot Rusgift

    League Against Intoxicants Forbundet Mot Rusgift

    Website: www.fmr.no
    Representative: Knut Reinas
    Country: Norway

  • Moedige Moeders

    Moedige Moeders

    Website: http://www.moedigemoeders.nl
    Representative: Tiny Tol
    Country: Netherlands

  • Monar


    Website: http://www.monar.org/about
    Representative: Marzena Prusiecka & Agnieszka Grzelka
    Country: Poland

  • National Centre of Addiction Medicine

    National Centre of Addiction Medicine

    Website: www.saa.is
    Representative: Akeem Cujo
    Country: Iceland

  • Parents Contre La Drogue

    Parents Contre La Drogue

    Website: http://www.parentscontreladrogue.com/#
    Country: France

  • People Against Drug Dependence / Ignorance

    People Against Drug Dependence / Ignorance

    Representative: Eze Eluchie Esq
    Country: Nigeria

  • Preporod


    Representative: Jovan Bulajić
    Country: Montenegro

  • Proslavi Oporavak / Celebrate Recovery

    Proslavi Oporavak / Celebrate Recovery

    Website: http://www.proslavi-oporavak.ba/en/index.html
    Representative: Boro Goic
    Country: Bosnia and Herzegovinia

  • When The Eagle Learns To Fly

    When The Eagle Learns To Fly

    Website: http://www.whentheeaglelearnstofly.nl/
    Representative: Maikel T'Zandt
    Country: The Netherlands

  • Recovering Addicts Interest Organisation

    Recovering Addicts Interest Organisation

    Website: http://www.rio.no/
    Representative: Line Eikenes
    Country: Norway

  • RNS


    Website: http://www.rns.se/
    Representative: Per Johansson
    Country: Sweden

  • Romanian Children's Humanitarian Foundation

    Romanian Children's Humanitarian Foundation

    Website: www.rchf.eu
    Representative: Brian Douglas
    Country: Romania

  • Rural Womens’ Network Nepal RUWON Nepal

    Rural Womens’ Network Nepal RUWON Nepal

    Website: http://www.ruwonnepal.org.np/
    Representative: Dhruba Prasad Ghimire
    Country: Nepal

  • Saint Jean Espérance

    Saint Jean Espérance

    Website: http://www.stjean.com/saint-jean-esperance
    Representative: Ambroise Pic
    Country: France

  • San Patrignano, Italy

    San Patrignano, Italy

    Website: http://www.sanpatrignano.org/it
    Representative: Elisa Rubini / Monica Barzanti
    Country: Italy



    Website: http://www.smart.org.se/
    Representative: Slim Liden
    Country: Sweden

  • Stichting Voorkom

    Stichting Voorkom

    Website: www.voorkom.nl
    Representative: Theo. V.d. Sluys
    Country: NETHERLANDS

  • Stijen


    Website: www.stijena.hr
    Representative: Zoran Jelic
    Country: Croatia

  • Swansea University

    Swansea University

    Website: http://www.liv.ac.uk/
    Representative: Professor Andy Parrott (Individual Academic Member)
    Country: UK

  • Swedish Immigrants Against Narcotics

    Swedish Immigrants Against Narcotics

    Website: http://www.simon.org.se/
    Representative: Berndt Pettersson
    Country: Sweden

  • The Drug Salvation Foundation

    The Drug Salvation Foundation

    Website: https://www.facebook.com/TheDrugSalvationFoundation
    Representative: Wilson Ehihon Ighodalo
    Country: Nigeria

  • The Iceland Centre for Social Research and Analysis

    The Iceland Centre for Social Research and Analysis

    Website: www.rannsoknir.is
    Representative: Jon Sigfusson
    Country: Iceland

  • The Turkish Green Crescent Society

    The Turkish Green Crescent Society

    Website: http://www.yesilay.org.tr/en/
    Representative: Sultan Isık
    Country: Turkey (with representatives in other countries)

  • Udruzenje Restart

    Udruzenje Restart

    Website: http://restartforlife.com/
    Representative: Boris Strbac
    Country: Serbia

  • Vereniging Vrienden van Drugvrije Programma’s

    Vereniging Vrienden van Drugvrije Programma’s

    Website: http://drugvrij.nl/
    Representative: Martien Kooyman & Kees van Eendenburg
    Country: The Netherlands

  • Youth Against Drugs

    Youth Against Drugs

    Website: http://www.umn.no/
    Representative: Simen S. Jorgensen
    Country: Norway