EURAD wants your opinion on legal highs!

We need your opinion by Tuesday 24th January in order to feed your comments back to the European Commission. Your assistance is essential in helping to improve the existing EU legislation on new psychoactive substances.

What is the process?

As you may be aware, European Council Decision 2005/387/JHA establishes a mechanism for a rapid exchange of information on new psychoactive substances, for assessing the risks associated with these substances and, if deemed necessary, to submit these to control measures and criminal penalties.

The department of justice (DG Justice) of the European Commission is currently undertaking a study with the aim of facilitating the Commission’s work related to the revision or replacement of the Council Decision 2005/387/JHA.

How can you be involved?

We would like to give our members a voice in this process. We want to do this in a structured way so please either e-mail your comments to the following questions to or simply put them in the comments box below this article.

Question 1: What role have you played in debating legal highs?

Question 2: Have you found being part of EURAD useful in these activities? If so, how?

Question 3: Can you recommend any relevant literature on psychoactive substances/legl highs?

Question 4: Any other comments on how you could contribute to the psychoactive substances/legal high agenda?