How the Head Shops were closed in Romania

Head shops, also known as weed shops and spice shops that sell hallucinating drugs free of legal restraint. After a nation wide campaign to close the drug shops, the government reacted. February 2010, a ban was finally introduced.


A year ago EURAD and its affiliate members brought to the attention of the Romanian Authorities the huge rise in head shops within Romania whilst attending an international conference organized by the Inspectorate of Police in Suceava County.

In the following days Mrs Renee Besseling, the President of EURAD, visited the Romanian minister for youth and sport together with its affiliate representatives from the International Centre for Anti-drug and Human Rights (CIADO) and delivered the same message of deep concern over the dangers of weed shop products being consumed by young people. 

Within the course of 2009 and 2010 to date EURAD and its affiliate members in Romania led a huge campaign warning of the dangers of these so called street legal drugs that by January of this year had already claimed the lives its first young Romanian victims. Hundreds of young people through the course of the last 12 months were been admitted to emergency Hospitals in Romania including even a group of French students in a serious condition after smoking hallucinating plant products they hade purchased at a Romanian weed shops. Doctors fighting to save their lives.

The result

With the ever rising numbers of young people being taken seriously ill the medical profession and the public joined EURAD in our call for a ban. After a major awareness campaign in the press and media the Romanian Government changed the laws with an emergency order that banned the sale of all 36 hallucinating plants. The ban includes the weed shop sales, any other type of commercial sales or distribution of these products or extracts or combinations of the actual hallucination plants.

The ban carries a 6 month to 3 year prison sentence for anyone caught in breach of this new law that came into effect in February 2010.

About head shops

Known as head shops and by many other names also across Europe like weed shops, smoke shops, grow shops, coffee shops and smart shops, these shops all sell paraphernalia associated with drug use as well as the actual range of drugs and products that are dangerous to public health.

They never explain this to the young people the entice to purchase their deadly products such as Spice which is a known brand name for a herbal mix sold as a substitute for cannabis. The modified product once smoked causes not only hallucinations but affects the brain, heart rate and other major organs as well and is like all of the head shop products sold in this range extremely dangerous to public health as was proved in the Romanian cases.

These products are in effect modified substances made to flout the drug laws and as such are sold openly to young people across Europe today except within Romania. The head shop owners care not how many young people die of their products or how many young people are admitted to European hospitals fighting for their lives after smoking these hallucinating drugs; their only interest is in the huge profits they make, the same as the drug barons do also.