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More deaths caused by mephedrone in the UK 

Two teenage boys die within hours of each other 'after taking new legal high Mephedrone', Daily Mail writes 16th Marh.


Documentary on Wales BBC X-ray (1st February 2010)

Mind-altering drugs are still readily available in High Street shops despite a number of so-called "legal highs" being banned by the UK government, BBC News writes.

The ban was introduced in December as a result of health fears. But BBC Wales' X-Ray programme found goods like the Ecstasy-like pill Doves or the hallucinogenic herb salvia on sale as plant food or incense.

Still availlable in the head shop

An undercover researcher for X-Ray was able to buy both substances over the counter in Wales at shops selling clothing and accessories marketed at young people - despite saying she wanted to take them at a party.